Hey there, I’m Melissa.
I have 7 years of experience in the mental health field and I help mental health companies build experiences that can scale across screen sizes while looking and functioning beautifully. I’ve worked closely with the homeless population, assisted in gender-based violence research, and worked a 24hr crisis line for sexual assault. 
I thrive in a collaborative environment and I use research to guide my design decisions. My focus is on designing great user experiences with accessibility guidelines and ethics in mind. I'm known for being detail-oriented, highly focused, patient, and ambitious. I approach every project with curiosity and humility and if you want to work with me or chat over virtual tea contact me, I’m always thrilled to hear about a new project! ​​​​​​​
More about me
Current Interests
• Maintaining and updating design systems
• How to ensure design systems are accessible
• Integrating more plants into my living space
What I'm listening to
• Design Systems Podcast
• Decolonize Social Work Podcast
What I'm reading
• Atomic Design by Brad Frost
• Writing is Design by Metts and Welfie
Where & what I'm studying
• Coursera, Google Foundations of UX Design, 2022
• Coursera, User Experience: Prototyping & Research, 2021
My social media
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